10 Most Common Pet Injuries and Accidents

Dog injuries most frequently seen by veterinarians? Here’s a list of the top 10 pet accidents as compiled by WebMD. Is your pet well-protected from these common mishaps that lead to unexpected trips to the vet?

  • Foreign body ingestion: Dogs in particular are at risk for eating things they shouldn’t.
  • Being hit by a car: Consider keeping your cat indoors and always walk your dog on a leash.
  • Dog bites: The bites of large dogs can do a lot of damage to other dogs.
  • Poisoning: Dogs are at risk for all types of poisoning: plants, human medicine, household chemicals, and human food are the top culprits.
  • Cat bite abscesses: Because cat bites are like puncture wounds, they can often become infected. If you have a cat and a dog in the house, make sure their time together is supervised.
  • Eye trauma: Injuries to the eye can range from mild scratches to ulcers to dangerous perforations and ruptures.
  • Cruciate ligament ruptures: Dogs in particular are prone to this particular knee injury.
  • Lameness/back trouble: Smaller sized dogs with long backs like dachshunds are especially at risk.
  • Torn or broken nail: Long nails on dogs and cats can get caught on things and tear, causing significant bleeding.
  • Heat stroke/dehydration: Keep your pets cool and hydrated in the summer months and never leave them alone in the car.

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