About us

Celeb Pooches is dedicated to properly educate people on everything they need to know about dogs from training, periodic checks, treatments by veterinary doctors and even the right accessories to get for the dog.

We are really passionate about dogs and would go to any length to give the best services and advice.

Celeb Pooches was founded by a concerned individual who noticed a certain culture surrounding the thought of having pets. Most homes have dogs for the sole purpose of security, not realizing that dogs have a lot more to offer than just security.

In a nutshell, Celeb Pooches was founded because we thought it necessary to provide the above mentioned services and Celebrate these dogs. We at Celeb Pooches believe that EVERY DOG IS A CELEBRITY.

Celeb Pooches Online Shop will be opening soon, and there you can buy your dogs and everything a Dog needs but for now, please call 08125742538 for dog accessories.

Our Slogans

-Happy Pet Happy Owner
-Bringing out the “PET” in you
-Every Pet is a Celebrity

Our Mission

To improve the culture of having pets and also to boost the bond between pets and their owners in Nigeria and abroad.

Our Vision

Creating happier homes for both pets and pet owners.