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How Do I Figure Out What Breed My Dog Is?

How do I figure out what breed my dog is? This has to be one of the most common questions asked by dog owners. While it may not always be possible to determine a particular dog’s breed heritage, it is getting easier. Ways to Identify Your Dog’s Breed Unless a dog is purchased directly from […]

Friendly Dog Interrupts Cricket Match, Gets Biggest Applause of the Night

A friendly, fun-loving pup wandered onto the field during an Indian cricket match – and got the biggest applause of the night from adoring fans that filled the stadium! It was the beginning of an Indian Premier League cricket match between the Rising Pune Supergiants and the Delhi Daredevils. The crowd had just settled in […]

Stubborn Dog Throws The Cutest Tantrum To Stay In The Bathtub

Many dogs will go to great lengths to avoid bath time but this guy would actually do anything to stay in there all day. Zeus the husky knew it was time for his walk, but he was much more in the mood for a bath, as usual. When his mom wouldn’t turn on the water, Zeus decided to […]

A Classic Love Story: Man & Dog rescues One Another

New York – It’s a classic love tale: Broken man mends broken dog and together they make life good again. Colin Campbell was a regular guy living a regular life in 2008. He had a nice job, a nice house and a beautiful wife until, as heartache often happens, he returned from a business trip […]


I know this is coming late but just had to. My movie for the year 2015; Max which put so much tears in my eyes. This is a movie about a highly trained service dog(Max); best friend of a U.S marine(Kyle Winscott) killed in Afghanistan who was returned to Kyle’s family and put under the […]

Dog Flags Down Police Officer To Save His Unconscious Human’s Life

A woman with a heart condition who lost consciousness outside on a freezing morning was found in time to be saved all because of one devoted dog named John Boy. Police officer Jeff Gonzalez was driving in a Germantown, Wisconsin, neighbourhood last week when he was approached by John Boy wandering alone along the snow-lined streets. […]

10 Most Common Pet Injuries and Accidents

Dog injuries most frequently seen by veterinarians? Here’s a list of the top 10 pet accidents as compiled by WebMD. Is your pet well-protected from these common mishaps that lead to unexpected trips to the vet? Foreign body ingestion: Dogs in particular are at risk for eating things they shouldn’t. Being hit by a car: Consider […]

Why Do Dogs Itch?

If your dog is frequently scratching, you may suspect a problem with fleas. But fleas are far from the only cause of skin irritations and itches. Insect bites and stings are fairly common on dogs. Some cause minimal to no symptoms, while others can cause a life threatening allergic reaction. The most common signs of […]


Amazing movie about how Coco(A Pomeranian) & Stella(A Chihuahua) helped Stacy(A Fashion Designer) become an overnight success in the Fashion Industry. Trailer below….


Khaleesi the Noseless Pit Bull uses her fame to help other dogs in need. Since her story went viral, the former bait dog’s rescuers have been able to raise awareness about dog fighting and help other dogs in rescue. In a kinder world, maybe her soulful brown eyes or sweet puppy smile would be the […]