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Stubborn Dog Throws The Cutest Tantrum To Stay In The Bathtub

Many dogs will go to great lengths to avoid bath time but this guy would actually do anything to stay in there all day. Zeus the husky knew it was time for his walk, but he was much more in the mood for a bath, as usual. When his mom wouldn’t turn on the water, Zeus decided to […]


I know this is coming late but just had to. My movie for the year 2015; Max which put so much tears in my eyes. This is a movie about a highly trained service dog(Max); best friend of a U.S marine(Kyle Winscott) killed in Afghanistan who was returned to Kyle’s family and put under the […]


Amazing movie about how Coco(A Pomeranian) & Stella(A Chihuahua) helped Stacy(A Fashion Designer) become an overnight success in the Fashion Industry. Trailer below….